Fabricated Other Landing Light Backing Plate

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I used the first landing light backing plate as a template to make the other one.

I left some extra material on so that I could fit it precisely to the other wingtip. Despite the fact that both of these cutouts were made at the factory, they're slightly different.

After trimming and drilling, here's the other backing plate installed.

I then installed the lens to make sure the backing plate doesn't touch it.

Here's how much clearance I have around the landing light.  There's over 1/4" below the light.

There's about the same clearance above the light.

There's also over 1/8" from the position light. With this much clearance around the light, I'm not at all worried that these could touch the lens from the inside. If they could touch, they would vibrate against each other and scuff both the light and lens.

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