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100 Hours!

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I hit 100 hours today while taking my 6 year old daughter up for a flight.  The plane is continuing to perform perfectly.

I stopped by the FSDO this morning and received my repairman certificate.  I'm now cleared to signoff my plane for its annual condition inspection.

Broken Exhaust Support

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While taxiing in from a flight, I heard an odd clunk. I took off the cowling to do a careful inspection and found that both exhaust supports cracked all the way through right at the bend. Squeezing this tubing flat and then bending it clearly put too much stress in the metal.

The bottom of the support just has a flattened piece of stainless steel tubing bolted to a bent piece of mild steel. The mild steel is much tougher and can withstand the vibration without cracking.

I replicated this arrangement at the other end of the supports.  Fortunately, it was a pretty quick fix and this should be much more durable.

Inverted Selfie

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I was out flying some acro today and managed to capture a pretty nice inverted selfie.

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