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Router Table
I just finished my new router table built as an extension to my table saw. The table is 1" MDF banded in oak with a high pressure laminate top.

Closeup of Router Table
Here's a closeup of the router table and accessories (fence, router mounting plate, fence and table featherboards, dust pickup, bit guard, miter track, etc.). The router is mounted to a 1/4" aluminum plate. All of the accessories came from Rockler.

Underside of Router Table
Here you can see the the custom built adjustable steel supports. I'm using turnbuckles to provide some adjustability in case the router table is ever out of alignment with the table saw table. You can also see two of the router plate adjusting screws near the corners of the hole that the router is passing through. These screws allow me to adjust the plate to be perfectly level with the table.

Router Table Without Accessories
Without the accessories, it provides a much larger work surface for my table saw.

Guide Pin for Routing Without the Fence
This guide pin allows freehand routing without the fence. This part is $10 from Rockler, or 10 if you buy a 1/4-20 bolt and chop off the head and part of the threads as I did...:-).

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