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First Ultrasound
First picture, February 21, 2003. The little one is about 7 weeks old here.

Second Ultrasound
Second picture, March 24, 2003. He's almost 12 weeks old here. You can start to see the arms, legs, ribcage, and facial features.

Matthew after Birth
Matthew Clay Beaver was born at 8:50 in the morning on June 21, 2003. He was 1 lb, 11 ozs and was 13 inches long. Here he is holding his dad's thumb.

Matthew opened his eyes for the first time recently while Jenn was touching him.

Matthew was moved off the traditional respirator today and moved onto the CPAP.

Deep in Thought
Matthew has been looking better the last couple of days. His infection is slowly going away, and his blood gasses have largely stabilized.

After Surgery
Matthew is looking stable after his surgery to close his PDA valve.

His First Feeding
Matthew received his first feeding today (2 cc of Jenn's breast milk).

Jenn Holding Matthew
Jenn got to hold Matthew for the first time today!

Jason Holding Matthew
Jason got to hold Matthew for the first time today as well!

Boy in the Bubble
Now that he's more stable, Matthew was moved into an isolet. It will be quieter for him which will help him sleep more.

Bigger than his Beanie Baby
Matthew has really been growing. He's noticeably bigger than his beanie baby now.

Jason Holding Matthew
Jason got to do the skin to skin care today. Both he and Matthew really enjoyed it.

Matthew Asleep on Daddy's Chest
Matthew loved laying on daddy's chest. He conked out almost immediately.

Matthew on CPAP
Matthew's been on CPAP for over a day now. He's doing great so far.

Rocker Bed
Matthew's new bed. The top of the bed moves forward and backward while rocking from side to side. It also makes noises to simulate the sounds a baby would hear in the womb.

Jenn Giving Matthew a Bath
Jenn gives Matthew a bath for the first time. He really enjoyed the bath, and even started crying when he was taken out.

Matthew Looking Up at Jenn
After his bath, Matthew gets some clean clothes and lays on the scale waiting to be held.

Tongue Boy
Quite a tongue on this little boy.

Matthew's getting quite a bit of chub on him now.

What a Cutie
Matthew looks like a regular newborn baby now.

Getting Longer
Matthew's getting pretty big now. He's topped 19" now.

Getting Ready to go Home
Matthew's all buckled into his car seat and ready to go home.

Home at Last
Matthew's finally home!!! Here he is enjoying his bouncer.

Cutie in his Santa outfit
Jenn bought Matthew a cute baby Santa outfit.

Jenn and Matthew
Jenn holding Matthew and the copy of The Lion King that she got.

Matthew Waving Hi
Merry Christmas Everybody!

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