Album: pictures:2002:Reno Air Races


L-39s Preparing to Race

L-39 Race

Critical Mass, Damaged in Gear Collapse During Practice

Critical Mass Engine Off for Inspection

Dago Red


Precious Metal (With Counter-rotating Props)

Lickety Split

0010- Rare Bear

Daryl Greenameyer's Lancair Legacy With Twin-turbo 550 Cubic Inch Engine

Rick Schrameck's Lancair Legacy With Custom Designed Supercharger on a 550 Cubic Inch Engine

Formula One Race Planes

Turbine Powered Motorcycle

Lancair Sentry (2 Seat Tandem Turboprop Powered with a 750 hp Walters Turbine Engine)

Drunken Pilot

Unlimited Bronze Race

Unlimited Bronze Race

T-6's Preparing for T-6 Silver Race

P-38, P-51, and FA-18

Jet Silver Race

Jet Silver Race

Unlimited Silver Race

Unlimited Silver Race

Unlimited Gold Racers

Rare Bear Makes an Appearance

Unlimited Gold Race

It's REAL Windy Today (40 kts Gusting to 50 kts)

The Wind is Picking Up a Lot of Sand

Unlimited Gold Winner - Dago Red

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