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We were married at Byington Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains on November 11, 2000.

At the Reception

Can%27t miss that game huh?

Natasha, Jack and Dee

Jason and Gary

Caught Ya!

Jason and Jack



Nana, Kaye, Deb, and Dennis

Gerry, Merle, and Dennis

Stu, Brian, Donna, Karrie, Valerie, and Kristie

Gary and Jack

Lynette, Mike, Jay, Jim, and Joelle

Dee and Christina

Dennis, Deb, and Steve

Randy, Maia, and Natasha

Nice Look Dude!


Wine Boy

Can you get any more food on that plate?

Dennis Pigging Out

Dee, Christina, and Jeff

The Head Table

Nana and Kaye

Linda and Mandy



Mandy and Nana

Getting the Garter


Garter Toss

Jennifer Preparing to Toss the Bouquet

Jenn, Tossing the Bouquet

Bouquet Toss

Pam, Catching the Bouquet

Dave, Jennifer, Jason, Elaine, and Dave

Dawn and Kaye

Cliff and Rosemary

Julie and Jeanette

Cliff, Rosemary, and Gary



Jeanette and Dave

Eddy, Chris, Bill, and Sophie

Torben, Klaus, Roger, and Karen

Julie and John
Our friends and photographers

Lani and Karen

Dawn, Seth, Jason, Jennifer, Sophie, Travis, Jill, and Bill

John, Julie, Anita, and Dawn

Roger, Karen and Klaus


The Happy Couple

Our First Tongue Kiss as a Married Couple

She Must Have Liked It

Mmmm, Tasty

Our Wedding Cake

Dennis, Valerie, Merle, Dawn, and Kaye

Jason and Jennifer

Cutting the Cake

Feeding Each Other Cake

Kiss After Cake

The First Dance


More Dancing

Visiting with Guests


The Buffet

Jill and Lani

Bill Giving a Toast

Guests Listening to the Toast

Jason, Preparing to Juggle

Jason, Juggling Five Pumpkins

Valerie and Kristie

Therese and Valerie

Stu and Brian

Kristie, Stu, and Brian

Shawna and Friend

Todd, Jodi, Valerie, and Kristie

Stu, Brian, Donna, and Karrie

Dave, Jennifer, and Jason

Gerry and Merle

Klaus and Anita

Anita, Lani, and Roger

Lani and Roger

Grace and Torben

Anita and Cliff

Jona and Torben

Anita and Jill

Torben and Jona

Karen and Lani

Jennifer and Jason with Rosemary and Linda

Anita, Greg, Jennifer, and Jason

Karen, Lani, and Grace

Lani, Grace, and Cliff

Seth, Jason, Jennifer, and Travis

Klaus, Roger, and Karen

Cliff and Uncle Rusty

Jona and Torben

Anita Gives a Toast

Caroline and Dave

Chris, Sophie, and Eddy

Jeanette and Dave

Aaron and Julie

Jeanette and Bill

Eddy and Sophie


Jason and Jennifer


Caroline, Dave, Chris, and Eddy

Aaron, Julie, and Dave

Dave, Jeanette, and Caroline

Chris and Eddy

Caroline and Dave

Dave, Elaine, and Dave

Gloria and Barbara

Mike, Lynette, Joelle, and Jim

Dee, Jack, Christina, and Jeff

Gary and Jackie

Kristie, Stu, Brian and Donna

Donna, Karrie, Shawna and Friend, and Todd

Steve, Linda, Mandy, Nana, and Kaye

Gerry, Merle, Dawn, and Steve


Cliff and Torben

Torben, Klaus, Jona, Roger, and Karen

Deb and Dennis Dancing

Steve Giving a Toast


Lynette and Mike

Jason and Jenn with Dave, Dave, and Elaine

Troy and TJ

Jim and Joelle

Jay and Kalyne

Stacey, Troy, and TJ

Anita and Dean

Dean, Linda, Rusty, Anita, and Jenn's Grandma

Therese, Jill, and Anita

Anita and Jill

Linda and Mandy

Jason and Jennifer

Natasha, Reading the Messages

Dave, Karen, and Roger

Jenn's Grandma

Rusty and Linda

Linda and Jenn's Grandma

Jenn and Jason, Saying Goodbye to Rosemary and Linda

Saying Goodbye

More Goodbyes

Look at All Our Loot
Thank you everyone!

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