Album: pictures:2000:Honeymoon

On Our Way!
Just starting our honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Inside Our Room
The living room area

View From Our Balcony

The Boardwalk (El Malecon)
View from downtown Puerto Vallarta

More Boardwalk
Looky Here, Authentic Mexican People!!!

Marigalante Pirate Ship
Daytime cruise around the bay

Jenn Taking in the Breeze

Jason Soaking up the Sun

Lunch is Served

Jenn Chowing Down

Jason, Fat and Happy

The Ladies Play a Game

Jenn Makes it to the Finals

The Game Gets Really Weird

Jenn Wins!!!

The Prize Requires a Striptease

Take it off Baby

Jenn Sporting the Prize
A bandana and t-shirt

Jenn, Assisting the Crew

Stopping for Some Snorkeling

Jenn in the front

Jason in the back

Admiring the Pelicans

Taking a Swim

More Swimming

Even More Swimming
Does it ever stop?

An Evening Show
Authentic Mexican Dancing and Music

More of the Dimly Lit Show

The Musicians
My camera takes crappy pictures, huh?

And Dinner on the Shore
This is our table

The Happy Honeymooners

Going Parasailing
Here's our boat

Our Crazy Crew

Jenn's First Up

And Away She Goes...

Jenn's Viewpoint

Jenn at 1500 Feet

Jenn's Viewpoint
Wow, 1500 feet is a lot higher than I thought

Looking For Our Hotel

Jenn Getting Dunked

Jenn's Viewpoint
She thought something had gone wrong with the boat

Coming Back Down

Almost Down

Jason's Turn

Up, Up and Away!

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, Oh, it's just Jason

Jason's Viewpoint

Jason Looks for the Hotel

Man I Hope This Doesn't Break

I Wonder Who Did the Last Inspection

Hmm, Maybe This is our Hotel?

Jenn Gets Revenge
Jason gets dunked

Twice Even!!!

Coming Back

Still Coming Back

The Fun's Almost Over

Getting an Early Start on Another Cruise

Dawn Over Puerto Vallarta

A Wider View

Our First Stop

Getting Ready to go Snorkeling

Jenn in a Snorkel

Snorkeling Through a Tunnel

Coming Out the Other Side

Next to a Rock

Jason Under Water

Jenn Under Water

Jenn Sees a Jellyfish

Jason Tries to Catch It

Time to Head Back to the Boat

Jason in a Mask

Jenn, Kicking Back

Dude, Get Some Sun

Our Second Stop

Honey, I Caught Lunch

Can We Keep Him?

Jenn's First Time on a Horse

Jason on a Horse

Riding Through the Wilderness

Deep Into the Forest

Are We There Yet?

Look, You Can See the Ocean

We Rode 5 Miles for THIS?

The Sunset Was Nice Though

Heading Home

Puerto Vallarta at Nightfall

Downtown at Nightfall

A Little Wakeboarding

I Should Go Pro

Jenn, Catching a Big One

Watch Out for the Shark!

A Little More Kayaking
Directly from our resort

Jenn Rests While Jason Paddles

Catching Some Rays

Cool, Outdoor Showers

Taking a Nighttime Cruise
Jenn helping hoist the sails

The Party is Getting Wild

The Evening's Entertainment

Authentic Mexican Dancing

One of the Dancers

Our First Cock Fight

Jason Holding a Rope

A Mexican Fiesta

Dinner at the Fiesta

The Boardwalk at Night

Jenn on a Seat

Jason on a Seat

Jenn Slides Down the Aligator's Throat

Jason Takes a Turn

Jason Hanging Out in the Pool

Jenn Relaxing Under the Waterfall

Jenn Diving Through the Waterfall

Behind the Waterfall

Cruise Ship in Port

Wedding Chapel

So, Do I Go Left?

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